New design with modern technological improvements.

  • Instant & endless hot water.
  • Activates with low water pressure.
  • This tankless heater is easy to install and use.
  • 5 year warranty.



Depending on the environmental, the Santon unit works between 91% to 99% efficiency levels.

Reduced size allows installation in any space.

Sophisticated safety features.

This tankless heater is UL certifyed.

Instantaneous tankless water heater.

Requires only a single 50 amp 2-pole 208/240V breaker

Compact in design and easy to install, the Santon can supply a shower outlet or spray tap. 

The Santon water heater is ideal for remote applications within a domestic environment, such as garages and cloakrooms, but is also suitable for bedsits, student accommodation and holiday homes.

Key features include a high temperature safety cut-out to prevent any problems with overheating should abnormal conditions arise.  The pre-set safety cut-out set at 88 degrees C (190 degrees F).

A reed switch activates the unit when the water flows.

Its white moulded ABS casing and neat, wall hung design enables it to be sited out of view in many instances, making it resistant to tampering or vandalism.



Technical Specifications